Intertek partners with Rohde & Schwarz to expand their LTE/4G operator test plan coverage

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide and a globally accredited testing laboratory for wireless device certification, has partnered with Rohde & Schwarz to expand their industry conformance and carrier acceptance testing capabilities.

Building upon the foundation set-forth by LTE, and its ongoing relationship with Rohde & Schwarz, Intertek has upgraded its testing capabilities in the areas of A-GNSS & OTDOA performance; E-911 over IMS protocol; eMBMS RF, performance, video performance and protocol; LTE carrier aggregation RF performance, data throughput performance and protocol; IMS/VoLTE protocol; video telephony (audio & video) performance; RCS protocol; ePDG/WiFi over IMS calling; and WiFi offloading.

“As mobile phones and devices become increasingly complex, the number and complexity of test plans continues to grow steadily. Given the critical role that Intertek plays in helping operators get their products to market faster, we have placed considerable effort to make sure we fully support the full breadth and depth of test plan coverage to ensure their success,” says Ron Bernot, senior staff engineer at Intertek. “By working closely with Rohde & Schwarz, we are realizing our vision and delivering the test plans and solutions that our customer’s require.”