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Intertek Expands Testing Capabilities at its North American Labs

Chicago, IL Intertek (LSE: ITRK) has announced new developments to its laboratories in Dallas, TX; Boston, MA; and Los Angeles, CA. Dedicated to providing optimum safety and performance testing and bringing products to market faster, Intertek continues investing in state-of-the-art facilities.

As part of a recent expansion, Intertek relocated its Texas EMC testing facilities to Plano, which currently operates a new 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber for testing up to 18GHz. In addition to a new anechoic chamber, Plano also utilizes a 35-ton HVAC psychometric testing chamber designed to analyze product safety, reliability and the performance characteristics of air conditioners and heat pumps to required safety standards. Providing manufacturers with a chamber of this size reduces costly freight and travel associated with shipping large commercial HVAC/R equipment.

Intertek’s Dallas laboratory also conducts hazardous locations testing to examine product safety in potentially explosive settings.

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Already operating 3-meter and 5-meter semi-anechoic chambers, their Boxborough site recently introduced a new 10-meter chamber, the only independent 10-meter chamber New England. The addition expands EMC testing capabilities and ensures accuracy across a wide range of products including medical devices, transmitters, Telecom equipment, and more.

A new 29,000 square-foot testing site in Lake Forest, CA significantly increases local testing capacity for all types of electrical manufacturers ranging from consumer electronics and HVAC to medical devices, photovoltaics (solar) modules, and lighting. With expansion and convenience at the forefront, Intertek’s west coast facility streamlines the testing process for clients, providing formal test reports within 15 business days following the completion of testing. 

Equipped with a new 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber, Intertek provides local expertise to California and southwestern, US-based manufacturers. 

About Intertek

Intertek is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world. From auditing and inspection, to testing, quality assurance and certification, Intertek people are dedicated to adding value to customers’ products and processes, supporting their success in the global marketplace. Intertek has the expertise, resources and global reach to support its customers through its network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices, 39 labs specializing in EMC testing in more than 100 countries around the world. For further information, visit

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