Intertek expands Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Lab to meet surging demand in Military/Aerospace products.

Intertek has announced that it has completed significant upgrades to its Boston, Massachusetts Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC) labs to now perform mandatory EMC testing to commercial, military and aerospace requirements. Military and Aerospace EMC testing needs have steadily surged in recent years due to increasing product development and retrofitting of traditional commercial products for military applications. According to the Federal Procurement Data System, the Department of Defense Government contracts for EMC testing have increased by 108% over the past 5 years.

The expansion of New England’s largest independent EMC testing facilities provides manufacturers with cost and time-to-market advantages through single-source project management for mandatory EMC testing, as well as performance testing and electrical safety certification. The new state-of-the-art laboratory provides:

  • The ability to perform radiated immunity testing up to 200V/m field strength in accordance with MIL
    STD 461 RS103 from 2MHz to 40 GHz and down to 10KHz if needed (with capabilities to test
    equipment located in aircraft and above deck on ships).
  • The ability to perform radiated immunity testing up to 200V/m in accordance with DO 160 section 20
    from 100MHz to 18GHz (with capabilities to test equipment located in commercial aircraft category
    W and Y).
  • The ability to perform DC Magnetic Field Susceptibility testing up to 1600A/m in accordance to MIL
    STD 1399 Section 070.

Intertek’s New England EMC testing facilities provide 5-meter and 10-meter semi-anechoic chambers, accommodating large-scale and odd-shaped products, which are typical constraints in EMC testing of military and aerospace products. The Company’s large-scale capacity, coupled with automated test scans, enables shorter testing queue times and faster project turnaround for products of all sizes and shapes.

“Intertek is committed to assisting military and aerospace manufacturers get their products to market faster than ever before. This expansion provides the most complete bundle of EMC, performance and safety services for this market,” said Andy Gbur, Director of Operations. “We will continue to expand in military and
aerospace sectors to meet demand for EMC testing and electrical safety certification.”

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