Intertek Expands Conformance Testing Capabilities with Rohde & Schwarz Equipment

Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide and a globally accredited testing laboratory for wireless device certification, has selected the R&S TS8980FTA-2 and R&S CMW500 wireless test platforms for its LTE carrier aggregation, IMS, VoLTE, RCS, GSM, WCDMA conformance and carrier acceptance test requirements. These test platforms allow Intertek to quickly and expertly test manufacturers’ wireless devices to carriers’ latest requirements, which helps facilitate acceptance onto their networks.

As mobile device manufacturers continue to incorporate the latest wireless standards, such as LTE Release 10 with carrier aggregation, IMS, VoLTE and RCS, Intertek, with the help of companies like Rohde & Schwarz, develop new and innovative testing procedures to ensure the quality of a wireless device without adding significant testing costs or negatively impacting time-to-market. Test solutions must be quickly and easily reconfigured for almost any type of industry conformance or carrier acceptance test. Meeting these challenges requires flexible solutions that can seamlessly address the testing complexities of legacy, current and future technologies.

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