Interactive Gore Website Provides Quick Access to Venting Solutions for Automotive Components

W.L. Gore & Associates’ has launched a new automotive venting interactive website that provides access to product information and performance data. With enhanced navigation and search features, the new website enables engineers to evaluate different venting options and assess Gore’s unique options for soling challenges.

Two interactive 3D vehicles enable the site visitor to quickly access specific information about venting solutions for common environmental challenges encountered by components in gasoline, hybrid and electric vehicles. These include:

• harsh road and under-the-hood contaminants that reduce the lifespan of electronic control units, sensors and motors

• pressure differentials that compromise seals in drive trains, drive lines and fluid reservoirs

• water and moisture vapor ingress that cause condensation and decrease lighting efficiency in advanced lamp technologies

• extreme temperature differentials that adversely affect electric traction motors, converters/inverters, and batteries/chargers in hybrid and electric vehicles

Visit to explore the new website.