Innovations with Snap Ferrites and Rod Core Chokes are Protected by Law

patent photo

The snap ferrites STAR-FIX and STAR-GAP are among the best-known products of Würth Elektronik eiSos. Many innovative details of the split ferrite cores for additional interference suppression of cables are protected by patents. Now the cable prefixing has been patented, which thanks to a special conduction prevents the cable from jamming during assembly. The most striking patented property of the WE snap ferrites: the key. It can be used to reopen snap ferrites effortlessly, for example when they are used in a test environment.

The second patent expands the already existing protection of an innovation in Europe to cover India: For the automatic SMD and THT assembly, Würth Elektronik iBE rod core chokes are furnished with a plastic part with a smooth surface that serves as contact point for the suction pipette of a placement head. Through a gap in the winding, the sprayed-on plastic also anchors the ferrite core. This prevents slippage during the automatic assembly and during use. For more information, visit

Photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy

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