Innovation Engineers at Lighting Science Develop LED Lighting Systems for Astronauts

One of the world’s leading LED lighting technology manufacturers, Lighting Science Group Corporation has announced that it has been contacted by The Bionetics Corporation to assist in the development of an LED lighting solution for the International Space Station (ISS). With the absence of a 24-hour cycle based on the sun, astronauts currently based on the ISS need a lighting solution to queue their body’s natural order. The Bionetics Corporation turned to Lighting Science to assist in the design of the progressive LED lighting system to achieve these results.

Lighting Science’s® research and innovation team is assisting in the development of a lighting system that will be used by astronauts to adjust their circadian rhythms and sync them to a 24-hour a day cycle. The team is working within NASA’s project specifications which require the lighting system to be of certain color temperatures (CCT) and color appearances (CRI) at different intervals during the day. With an average life span of up to 50,000 hours, LED lighting is the optimal lighting source for this application. In addition, LEDs are easily controlled, providing smooth dimming and a constant color temperature throughout day and night.

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