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Industry Innovators: A Profile on AMETEK CTS

Through its three product lines of IFI, Teseq and Milmega Ametek CTS is a global leader offering a wide range of modular and configurable broadband high power amplifiers suitable for multiple applications including, but not limited to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Automotive, Telecommunications, and Military requirements.

For over 60 years, AMETEK has been designing, developing, and manufacturing high-performance amplifiers for a broad range of Commercial, Military, Scientific, and Industrial applications. Their products include Solid-State, Solid-State pulse, CW TWT, Pulse TWT, and Millimeter TWT. Built on a flexible, modular platform, they offer custom solutions and power upgrades for future amplifier needs. As technology continues to expand into The Internet of Things (IoT), Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, 5G Telecommunications, Smart Cities and Factories, Edge Computing and High-Frequency/High-Power DoD applications, customers are faced with ever-increasing test challenges. To help meet these challenges, AMETEK has introduced a new family of 0.8-6.0GHz P1dB specified amplifiers up to 400W to support 5G infrastructure applications (and more).

5G technology is 100 times faster than 4G and will enable the global wireless connectivity of billions of devices. As the demand for connected devices increases, testing of these devices to ensure they meet safety standards will also increase. Nearly 80% of 5G infrastructure will come from hardware and network infrastructure modernization. Many companies will be leading the development of the 5G infrastructure and will require very linear, high-power amplifiers to ensure the quality of their products.

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How to Perform a Radiated Emissions Measurement

Radiated emissions testing is the measurement of the electromagnetic field of the emissions that are unintentionally being generated by the equipment under test.

To help these and others ensure compliance with the latest international test standards, AMETEK’s new amplifiers have been designed to support the following 5G application requirements:

  • Passive Intermodulation Testing (PIM)
  • Intermodulation testing (IM)
  • Adjacent Channel Power Testing
  • Error-Vector Magnitude (EVM) testing
  • Multi-tone testing
  • Power handling
  • EM Immunity Testing
  • High Signal Level Testing

The above is a small subset of the 5G and other RF/Wireless applications they support. In these applications, ruggedness and reliability are key, which are all qualities of their broad amplifier range. AMETEK prides itself on having built a reputation as a flexible and dynamic industry leader with world-class customer support

903 South Second St.,
Ronkonkoma, NY

Tel: (631) 467-8400
Fax: (631) 467-8558

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