IMS 2017 Technical Presentation “Multi-Use Interoperable RF Amplifier”

Untitled-2On Tuesday, June 6th, Empower RF’s CTO , Paulo Correa, will be presenting, “Multi-Use Interoperable RF Amplifier” to an audience of IMS attendees.

In this workshop, Paulo will define and evaluate power amplifier architecture for modern multi-mode applications including the importance of key parameters, systems design considerations (hardware and software), operational mode settings, effective utilization of system wide components, performance trade-offs, and forward looking capabilities (future proofing).

Real world examples and data will be shown from a single Empower RF Next Generation COTS amplifier simulating several application specific scenarios using pulse mode, frequency hopping, and multi-tone/multi-carrier modes respectively. These “use cases” provide an ideal context to discuss why this amplifier architecture has both input and output detectors and why this is necessary for user selectable Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Automatic Level Control (ALC).

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