Impulse Voltage Insulation Tester INS-1250-30K

The INS-1250-30K insulation tester from EMC Partner covers the 1.2/50 µs impulse voltage requirement from 2kV to 30kV.

The equipment can be used for material insulation, components, and electrical equipment safety applications in both development and production environments. High-accuracy internal or external measurement systems can be programmed to detect breakdown with pass/fail criteria based on voltage and current impulse integrals. Personnel safety is ensured through an emergency stop, warning lamp, and test cabinet, disabling high voltage circuits when activated.


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Specialist semiconductors provide high voltage isolation between circuit elements, allowing control signals to be transferred but blocking AC or DC power.

The semiconductor test system from EMC PARTNER uses the standard lightning impulse to per-form isolation tests that improve product reliability. The most widely used test standard VDE 0884-11 requires an impulse up to 8 kV for production testing and up to 10 kV for quality as-sessment.

Atmospheric lightning and switching transients have very different origins but are both charac-terized by the 1.2/50us voltage impulse. This is universally applied to test the insulation charac-teristics of materials and electrical equipment.
Clearance and creepage can be tested for transformers, cables, protection relays, electricity meters, household goods, and much more.

Product Features

  • Stable impulse form at EUT
  • Programmable breakdown detection
  • Long duration production testing
  • Function upgrades protect investment
  • Direct interface with DSO

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