IEEE Published IEEE C57.153-2015 Standard for Paralleling Regulating Transformers

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The IEEE published a new guide for “paralleling regulating transformers.” IEEE C57.153-2015 provides power transformer paralleling users with an easily accessible source for comparing control methods of transformer paralleling. This comparison allows the proper choice of control method and proper operation to best maintain proper system operations. The guide also provides an operational understanding to assist in the analysis of changing system configurations on paralleling operations. The new standard can be purchased on the IEEE website.


“This paralleling guide describes and compares control methods of paralleling regulating transformers. The control methods include: master/follower, circulating current, power factor, circulating reactive current, and negative reactance methods. This guide presents operating philosophy descriptions, sample wiring diagrams, typical operational variations, the provision of adequate backup protection, and typical misapplication consequences. This guide does not apply to phase-shifting regulating transformers.”

*Description from the IEEE website.


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