IEC Publishes IEC 62734 Standard

The International Electrotechnical Commission has published a new standard, IEC 62734. IEC62734 ed1.0 applies to “Industrial networks – Wireless communication network and communication profiles – ISA 100.11a.” The standard is available for purchase on the IEC’s website.


“IEC 62734:2014 provides specifications in accordance with the OSI Basic Reference Model, ISO/IEC 7498-1, (e.g., PhL, DL, etc.). It is intended to provide reliable and secure wireless operation for non-critical monitoring, alerting, supervisory control, open loop control, and closed loop control applications. It defines a protocol suite, including system management, gateway considerations, and security specifications, for low-data-rate wireless connectivity with fixed, portable, and slowly-moving devices, often operating under severe energy and power constraints. The application focus is the performance needs of process automation monitoring and control where end-to-end communication latencies on the order of at least 100 ms can be tolerated.”

*Description from IEC website

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