IEC Publishes IEC 61169-50 Standard

IEC Publishes IEC 61169-50 Standard | In Compliance Magazine

The International Electrotechnical Commission has announced the release of IEC 61169-50 standard. IEC 61169-50 ed1.0 applies to “Radio-frequency connectors – Part 50: Sectional specification for RF coaxial connectors with inner diameter of outer conductors 4,11 mm with quick lock system – Characteristics impedance 50 Ohm (type QMA).” The standard is available for purchase on the IEC’s website.


“IEC 61169-50:2014, which is a sectional specification (SS), provides information and rules for the preparation of detail specifications (DS) for type QMA R.F. coaxial connectors with quick lock. The connectors are normally used with 50 Ohms corrugated cable and flexible cables for middle power applications in an operating range up to 6 GHz. It describes the interface dimensions for general purpose connectors with gauging information and the mandatory tests selected from IEC 61169-1, applicable to all detail specifications relative to type QMA connectors.”

*Description from IEC Website

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