IEC and USB-IF Announce Expanded International Standards to Include USB-IF Specifications


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) have announced expanded international standards cooperation to include the latest USB-IF specifications for high-speed data delivery and device charging.

The USB-IF has submitted to the IEC the USB Power Delivery (Rev 2.0, V1.0), USB 3.1 (SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps), and the USB Type-C Cable and Connector specifications. These specifications are designed to reduce e-waste and improve re-usability of power supplies. In addition, they support consumer convenience and product safety. Specifications include increased power levels up to 100w, bi-directional power capabilities, smaller size, and usability enhancements.

To learn more about the three USB-IF specifications that have been submitted for inclusion refer to, IEC International Standard IEC62680 series.

“IEC has a longstanding relationship with the USB-IF and believes in the benefit of aligning with USB specifications because of the strong worldwide and cross-industry support behind the technology.”

Frans Vreeswijk, General Secretary and CEO of the IEC


Source: International Electrotechnical Commission

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