IEC 62807-1:2017 Released for Hybrid Telecommunication Cables


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has released IEC 62807-1:2017 . This standard applies to Hybrid telecommunication cables – Part 1: Generic specification and is now available at the IEC webstore.

Description:”IEC 62807-1:2017 is applicable to hybrid cables intended to contain any combination of optical fibres, twisted pair/quad, coaxial and current-carrying electrical conductor elements as required under a common outer sheath.

This hybrid cable design is convenient for networks and customer premises wiring that transmit data, telecommunication and signaling services over optical fibre, metallic twisted pairs, and/or broadband data over coaxial units, and retains the option of supplying electrical current to remote equipment.
The cable element (e.g. coaxial, balanced and optical fibre) performance requirements and supported applications are as specified in the following standards series: IEC 61196, IEC 61156, and IEC 60794 respectively.

The various combinations of strength members, sheath materials, fibre arrangements, twisted pair/quad structure, cable shielding, and current carrying conductors will be specified in the following specifications:

– IEC 62807-2;
– IEC 62807-3.

In IEC 62807 (all parts), the current carrying conductors are not intended to be used as power mains supply. The specific use and safety regulation requirements are defined in the detailed and sectional cable specification.


*Description from the IEC Website.

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