IEC 61076-3-119:2017 Pre-Release Version Available for Connectors of Electrical and Electronic Equipment


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has released IEC 61076-3-119:2017 PRV. This standard pertains to Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment – Product requirements – Part 3-119: Rectangular connectors – Detail specification for shielded and unshielded, free and fixed 10-way connectors with push-pull coupling for industrial environments for data transmission with frequencies up to 100 MHz. This standard is now available on the IEC webstore.

Description: “IEC 61076-3-119:2017 establishes specifications and test requirements for 10-way shielded and unshielded rectangular, free and fixed connectors, with push-pull coupling, for data transmission with frequencies up to 100 MHz and for use in industrial environments. This document specifies free and fixed connectors with round contacts, suitable for screw or crimp terminations. Other terminations techniques, such as solder or printed board connections are upon agreement between manufacturer and user. The free and fixed connectors have a push-pull locking mechanism for IP65 and IP67 protection according to IEC 60529.

Connectors according this document are without breaking capacity COC according to 3.9 of IEC 61984:2008, therefore they are not intended to be engaged or disengaged in normal use when live or under load, if not otherwise specified by the manufacturer.”


*Description from the IEC Website.

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