IEC 60966-2-5:2016, Radio Frequency and Coaxial Cable Assemblies

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has released IEC 60966-2-5:2016 . This includes “Radio frequency and coaxial cable assemblies – Part 2-5: Detail specification for cable assemblies for radio and TV receivers – Frequency range 0 MHz to 1 000 MHz, IEC 61169-2 connectors.” This standard is now available on the IEC webstore.

Description: “IEC 60966-2-5:2016 is a detail specification which applies to flexible coaxial cables described in the IEC 61196 series. It relates to cable assemblies for radio and TV receivers, and in particular to the cable assemblies subfamily 9,52 (see IEC 61169-2). These cable assemblies are used as described in IEC 60728-4. This part of IEC 60966 gives subfamily requirements and severities which shall be applied.

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) the return loss requirements and insertion loss requirements are matched to the relevant cables,
b) screening effectiveness shall be measured according to IEC 62153-4-7, triaxial method,
c) screening class B was cancelled.”

*Description from the IEC Website.

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