Honda Recalls 22,000 VT750 Motorcycles for Electrical System Defect

ShadowIn certain Honda motorcycles, the engine’s vibration can cause a sensor to fail. Without this sensor signal, the engine could stall and put riders at risk of a crash. Specifically, Honda says, “continuous vibration between the bank angle sensor wiring and the wire harness connector can create an open in the bank angle sensor electrical circuit.” If this happens, the engine may stall while riding.

As a result, Honda is recalling 22,142 VT750 motorcycles. The recall includes: 2012-2014 VT750CA, VT750C2 and VT750C2F, 2011-2016 VT750C, 2013-2016 VT750CS, 2010-2016 VT750C2B and 2013-2014 VT750C2S motorcycles. Honda will notify owners and dealers will relocate the joint connector and replace the bank angle sensor. The repair is free of charge and should take about an hour. 

Source: NHTSA | Image by EnricoCE

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