Honda Australia Recalls Accord Sport Hybrid due to EMI

honda accord sport hybrid photo

Honda Australia has recalled its Accord Sport Hybrid because electromagnetic interference could dramatically and suddenly reduce power, posing an accident hazard. If this problem occurs, the car will alert drivers with visual and audio warnings. Power steering and braking will remain enabled.

The Accord Sport Hybrid has three driving modes: electric vehicle (battery-powered driving at low speeds), hybrid (using both the fuel engine and electric motor for acceleration), and engine drive (high speed highway cruising via gas-powered engine). While driving at highway speeds, electrical noise in the car’s electric drive system could cause the vehicle to switch unexpectedly to electric vehicle mode. This disables the gas-powered engine, which suddenly brings the maximum speed down to less than 40 mph and, with an EV range of just over a mile, could quickly lead to power loss.

This recall is limited to just 53 models of the 2015 Accord Sport Hybrid in Australia. However, we’re also keeping our eyes on the United States’ NHTSA website, which lists several complaints for the 2015 Accord Hybrid that describe similar incidents involving power system failure while driving at highway speeds.

Source: CarAdvice | NHTSA | Photo by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association

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