HM Cragg Expands Service Solutions to Include Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS)

HM Cragg has expanded its services to include Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS). ATS is an HM Cragg portfolio of services that provides consulting and project based integration solutions. They provide technology, consulting, product and service expertise, along with customized project management solutions which offer cost reduction and zero downtime for your business.

HM Cragg’s Advanced Technology Solutions can help you plan for and satisfy product procurement, inventory management, deployment schedules, asset tagging, and dynamic warehousing with a structured delivery method, providing technology and service expertise, and state-of-the-art project management.

Fueled by growth in the IT and data center markets, HM Cragg is an established provider of backup power systems, power distribution units, power electronics, batteries, and other complementary items. Their product line includes offerings from several manufacturers such as; Eaton Corporation, Falcon Electric, C&D Technologies Inc., etc… along with a comprehensive assortment of IT products.

For more information about HM Cragg’s services and availability, email or call 1-800-672-7244.