Highest Performance Precision Adapters

Southwest Microwave, Inc. (SMI), aglobalsupplier of microwave connectors, announces a full range of precision Adapters, both within-series and between-series, encompassing SMA, SMA to N, 2.92mm, 3.5mm to 2.40mm, 2.92mm to 2.40mm,  SSMA to 2.40mm, and 2.40mm. Plus unique 0.9mm to 1.85mm. They offer near metrology grade performance, referred to as Precision and are ideally suited for applications requiring metrology type measurements where phase matching is not required. Each series is produced to the same electrical length. SMI adapters provide an economical lower cost solution for critical production and test requirements.

southwestmicro 120313

SMI adapters are designed based upon transmission line principles. They are ideal for use as connector savers without compromising measurement accuracy. The adapters also are approved for satellite and other hi-rel applications.

To download more information visit: http://mpd.southwestmicrowave.com/pdf/adapters.pdf

For a complete on-line catalog visit: www.southwestmicrowave.com or to request a printed catalog by mail, call +1 (480) 783-0201 or email: connectors@southwestmicrowave.com

Since 1981 (and earlier as the connector operations of Omni Spectra®), Southwest Microwave has been providing highest performance connectors and adapters for microwave applications, with industry lowest typ. VSWR, insertion loss and RF leakage.  Southwest Microwave, Inc., Microwave Products Division (Tempe, Arizona, USA).