High Power, Wide Terminal Flat Chip Resistor Now Available from KOA Speer

KOA Speer Electronics has released a new size for their WK73 wide terminal flat chip resistor series, the 2B (0612) package. The WK732B offers a higher power rating and features high reliability and performance with 0.75W power rating as a result of its enhanced heat dissipation, compared to the standard 0.25W of the thick film 1206 size.

Featuring a wide terminal construction, the WK732B resistor provides superior thermal shock characteristics as well as high solder joint reliability. The WK73S2B offers a resistance range of 10mΩ ~ 9.1Ω, while the WK73R2B offers 10Ω ~ 1MΩ. Other performance characteristics include tolerances of 1% and 5% and TCR values of ±100 ~ ±800 ppm/°C. The WK732B is AEC-Q200 qualified.

The WK732B offers current sensing for power supply circuits, and is ideal for automotive electronics, ECUs, anti-lock braking and air bag systems.

For additional information, visit www.koaspeer.com