High-Performance Directional Antennas Solution to Bring Wireless Communication to Rural Areas

High-Performance Directional Antennas Solution  | In Compliance Magazine

A new solution combines smart networking of high-performance directional antennas, propagation modeling, and spectrum-sensing resources to bring broadband wireless service to remote and rural areas in the Hawaiian Islands.

The solution developed by Hawaiʻi Center for Advanced Communications will not only help individuals in Hawaii, but could provide a solution to more than 19 million people across the United States who do not have reliable broadband communications coverage. “New network access protocols need to be developed, so that these advances may be achieved without affecting available communications standards and systems,” said Magdy F. Iskander, director of the Hawaiʻi Center for Advanced Communications. “Our solution represents a bold new concept for integrating these new capabilities to support customers in low-density regions.”

Read more about the new wireless communication system being develop to bring broadband wireless service to remote and rural areas. 

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