High-Performance, Custom Tuned Microwave Absorbers from Leader Tech

Leader Tech has announced that they are now offering a new line of high-performance, custom Tuned Microwave Absorbers.  By targeting discrete frequencies between 1 GHz and 18 GHz, such as 10.9 GHz, these specialty absorber formulations deliver an average attenuation between 20 and 30 dB.  As an added benefit, there is no additional charge for customizing an absorber to your unique target frequency.

Leader Tech’s microwave absorbing materials convert unwanted electromagnetic energy into heat energy by exhibiting either high reflection or high insertion loss. The magnetically and dielectrically loaded absorbers are easy to install, economical and highly effective. Common applications include aircraft seals & ducts, cavity resonance and radar cross section reduction.

For more information, the Leader Tech EA Microwave Absorber catalog can be instantly downloaded from the company’s website: http://www.leadertechinc.com/absorbercatalog