High Current Flat Wire Power Inductor with Higher Saturation Current

Würth Elektronik eiSos

Photo Source: Würth Elektronik eiSos

Würth Elektronik eiSos now presents WE-HCF in a 2815 package, a flat wire power inductor with very high current loading capacity and efficiency. The latest member of the WE-HCF series is loadable up to 36 A and attains saturation currents up to 125 A. With its large wire cross-section, the inductor offers a 13 percent lower resistance than comparable products and attains an up to 82 percent higher saturation current.

WE-HCF in the 2815 package represents a further improvement of the SMT-mountable inductors with up to 50 percent higher nominal currents than the 2013 series. The flat wire coil has a resistance of just 1.31 mand with its manganese-zinc-ferrite core, the magnetically shielded power choke shows very low core losses. The component specified up to 125°C is suitable as a highly efficient DC/DC converter for individual and multiphase converters or for filtering audio applications. WE-HCF is also especially suitable for high current step-up converters.

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