Heat-Activated Fire Alarms Fail to Alert Consumers of a Fire

recalled fire alarmSure Signal Products is recalling 375,000 heat-activated fire alarms because they don’t work as intended. A defective fusible link sensor (fuse) on the fire alarm can cause the alarm to fail to alert consumers of a fire. Sure Signal explains on their website, “Over a period of several years, some fuses are losing their ability to react at their rated temperature. This could cause a failure to activate if there were a fire.”

The recalled fire alarms were sold at fire alarm dealers nationwide from January 2004 through September 2015 for between $300 and $375. They sold under the following brand names and models:  DeTech FST2004H, MasterGuard QR50, Responsive TR70-R and Thermalink QR50. The alarms are white, round and measure about 7 inches in diameter. A round fuse is located on the middle on the front face of the alarm. To find out if a particular alarm is recalled, consumers should unsnap the fuse and locate the temperature rating on the small white label on the back of the sensor. If either “117°F” or “136°F” is shown, and the date code reads 01001 – 15182 the alarm is part of the recall.

Consumers should immediately contact Sure Signal Products for free replacement fuses. Sure Signal has published a video with instructions for replacing the defective sensors.

Source: CPSC | Sure Signal

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