Growing Need for Electrical Engineers

Jane Gu NSF Career Award

Employment reports from around the world indicate there is a high demand for electrical engineers, but low supply of available engineers. The semiconductor, telecom, energy, and transportation industries are a few of the industries seeing an increase in hiring electrical engineers.

According to the job website CareerBuilder, there are “3.5 electrical engineering jobs posted for every job-seeking candidate.” Randstad Engineering, a tech recruiting firm, says many of their clients are sponsoring H-1B work visas to hire international engineers to fill positions in the U.S., because the supply of U.S. engineers is low. Even with outsourcing engineers, the firm is having difficulty filling work visa positions.  Reported in the 2014 European Graduate Career Guide, the U.K. government is seeing demand for electrical engineers and “plans to create 150,000 high-skill jobs in electronics by 2020.” The Asia-Pacific region is also seeing the high-demand, low-supply of electrical engineers. ManpowerGroup states engineering jobs are the number one hard-to-fill positions in the Asia-Pacific region.

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