Grocery Chain to Pay Millions for Illegally Transporting, Storing and Disposing Hazardous Waste

Albertsons has settled a lawsuit alleging that the chain of grocery stores was illegally transporting, storing and disposing of hazardous materials from its stores and distribution. The company will pay $3.3 million to settle the litigation, though the company has insisted it complies with state and federal regulations regarding hazardous waste.

The lawsuit claimed that Albertson mismanaged hazardous waste, including over-the-counter medications, aerosol products, batteries, electronic devices, and other products. The products were discarded and placed in trash bins, or transferred to a third-party processor who was not qualified to dispose of hazardous waste. In addition to the $3.3 million penalty, the settlement requires Albertson to develop procedures and policies outside of the legal requirements for handling hazardous waste.

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