Gore Debuts Innovative Solutionsat CTIA that Improve Equipment Reliability and Performance

To improve reliability and performance in telecommunication equipment, W. L. Gore & Associates has advanced its portfolio of products and services that enable the industry to remain connected and protected. In addition to introducing its new business unit that focuses on mobile devices, Gore is displaying new venting products, cooling filters, and testing methods to enable manufacturers and suppliers of wireless headsets, small cell devices, base stations and other telecommunication infrastructure to improve product performance for their customers.

At the International CTIA Wireless 2012 conference in New Orleans, Gore will be introducing the next generation of its screw-in GORE® Protective Vents — the latest in its line of robust and reliable solutions that protect sensitive electronics and extend product life. With the emergence of small cells, picocells, metrocells and microcells, changing weather conditions can lead to equipment failure, because over time rapid pressure fluctuations inside the housings can compromise seals and gaskets. GORE® Protective Vents equalize internal pressure by maintaining constant airflow inside the housings. At the same time, the barrier membrane in these vents prevents water, dust, dirt and other contaminants from entering the housing and damaging the sensitive electronics. The new screw-in vents feature a more rugged, single-body construction to increase protection against mechanical stress. These vents are also online quality-tested and laser-marked with unique identification numbers to enable individual product tracking.

In response to the rapid growth in portable electronic device technology, Gore’s new portable electronics business unit has developed four testing protocols that more effectively mirror real-world environments in which portable devices are used. The current testing requirements outlined in the IEC60529 standard do not provide consistent testing of acoustic vents that cover audio components in these devices. In addition, the standard’s protocols can be broadly interpreted, which result in inconsistent test results. With Gore’s protocols — which will be described during the CTIA’s QuickHits1 session — test results for materials used in portable electronics are more consistent and reliable.

Gore will also be exhibiting the ambient air-cooling technology of its latest GORE® Cooling Filters. Unlike traditional closed-loop systems such as air-conditioning units and heat exchangers, these filters take full advantage of the natural thermal efficiency of ambient air while providing critical protection from water, corrosive salts and other airborne contaminants. Now available in three standard sizes, these filters are easy to integrate into existing cabinets, making them a cost-effective solution for state-of-the-art thermal management.

As evidence of its long-standing commitment to the telecommunication industry, Gore will also be highlighting the versatility of its latest developments in EMI shielding technology and grounding materials. For example, Gore will be featuring the GS8000 Series of GORE® EMI Shielding Materials. These gaskets and grounding pads improve flexibility during the design process by maintaining consistently high conductivity through a wide working range. With a unique construction that alleviates the need for tight tolerances, the GS8000 Series is ideal for the plastic housings and snap fasteners commonly used in mobile devices.  

“We are excited to showcase the breadth and depth of our line of proven solutions for the telecom industry,” says Victor Lusvardi, GORE® Portable Electronic Vents business leader.  “Whether handling environmental exposure, thermal management, or electrical interference, our products are uniquely engineered to help manufacturers and suppliers increase the reliability of their equipment and ultimately position them to serve their customers better.” For more information about Gore’s full line of products for the telecommunication industry, visit booth #4470 at CTIA Wireless, call 888.914.GORE (4673) or visit www.gore.com.