EN 617:2001+A1:2010

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This standard deals with safety related technical verification during commissioning. The following parts are dealt with in this standard (see Figure 1) A Bulk material to be stored B Storage space limited by the silo structure C Charging D Discharging E Associated and additional equipment (e.g. flow aid devices, instrumentation, local control systems) F Working and traffic area Figure 1 – Parts of a storage equipment NOTE Silos are made of different materials e.g. concrete, steel, aluminium, spun rayon, wood. Safety requirements and/or measures in this standard apply to equipment used in all environments. However, additional risk assessment and safety measures need to be considered in severe conditions, e.g. low or high temperatures out of the range covered by EN 60204-1, corrosive environments, strong magnetic fields, radioactive conditions and bulk materials to be stored included their flow the nature of which could lead to a dangerous situation.

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