EN 61439-3:2012

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Defines the specific requirements for distribution boards intended to be operated by ordinary persons (DBO). DBOs have the following criteria: – intended to be operated by ordinary persons (e.g. switching operations and replacing fuse-links), e.g. in domestic (household) applications; – outgoing circuits contain protective devices, intended to be operated by ordinary persons, complying e.g. with IEC 60898-1, IEC 61008, IEC 61009, IEC 62423 and IEC 60269-3; – rated voltage to earth does not exceed 300 V a.c.; – rated current (Inc) of the outgoing circuits does not exceed 125 A and the rated current (InA) of the DBO does not exceed 250 A; – intended for the distribution of electrical energy; – enclosed, stationary; – for indoor or outdoor use.

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