EN 55015:2013

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Applies to the emission (radiated and conducted) of radio frequency disturbances from: – all lighting equipment with a primary function of generating and/or distributing light intended for illumination purposes, and intended either for connection to the low voltage electricity supply or for battery operation; – the lighting part of multi-function equipment where one of the primary functions of this is illumination; – independent auxiliaries exclusively for use with lighting equipment; – UV and IR radiation equipment; – neon advertising signs; – street/flood lighting intended for outdoor use; – and transport lighting (installed in buses and trains). Excluded from the scope of this standard are: – lighting equipment operating in the ISM frequency bands (as defined in Resolution 63 (1979) of the ITU Radio Regulation); – lighting equipment for aircraft and airports; – and apparatus for which the electromagnetic compatibility requirements in the radio-frequency range are explicitly formulated in other CISPR standards.

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