Global Connector Technology introduces Vertical Micro USB Connectors with longer leads for thicker PCB’S

Global Connector Technology (GCT) has recently introduced thru hole A/B type Micro USB connectors with .090” leads suitable for .062” PCB thickness. Building on the popularity of the existing range the connectors were developed for customers using thicker PCB’s who found the .059” shell stake and lead length too short for .062” thick printed circuit boards.  Utilising all of its engineering skills and in response to this challenge GCT developed USB3106 B type & USB3131 A/B type with .090” leads and stakes, perfect for use in applications with thicker PCB’s.

GCT’s vertical USB range is now the broadest in the market, with numerous design options, including SMT and thru hole, variable lead and shell stake lengths and optional extra stability mounting types. Vertical micro USB is chosen in designs where horizontal connectors don’t meet customer’s design requirements; examples of diverse applications are smart watches, electronics bracelets, sports headgear, consumer electronics, wearable electronics, robotics and home automation.

To speed up design downloadable drawings, 3D models and specifications are available from the GCT website.  All parts are in stock in your local GCT office and available through distribution channels for next day sampling. 

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