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Giga-tronics announces Signal Integrity Assurance Services for Switching Systems and RF Interface Units used in ATE

Giga-tronics Incorporated announced today a unique suite of services offered in conjunction with its ASCOR 8000 Series RF Switching Systems and RF Interface Units (RFIUs).  These Signal Integrity Assurance services give users confidence that the signals routed to their Automated Test Equipment (ATE) are accurate the first time and every time.

Available Signal Integrity Assurance services include:Test system optimization from a company with the rare perspective of an industry-leading RF instrument and microwave component manufacturer combined with decades of switching experience under the ASCOR brand

  • Distributed Switching which enables engineers to place switching at the DUT while control can be on a bench or in an equipment rack
  • Performance parameter optimization focuses the system performance around a specific parameter(s), such as inter-modulation distortion.
  • Path-level level calibration to provide a known performance level right out of the box and serve as reference to monitor system performance.
  • Built-in test allows users to periodically monitor signal integrity to isolate switching system failures from DUT anomalies.
  • Relay closure counters are coupled to specific relays to warn of impending end-of-life to allow relay replacement before failures occur.

No matter the application, design verification or production test, having confidence in your test system is essential to meeting quality or productivity goals and keeping on time and in budget.  Having a test partner who can provide Signal Integrity Assurance is a valuable tool.

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Walt Strickler, VP of Business Development for Giga-tronics ASCOR Switching Products Division stated, “Our switching solution business at Giga-tronics is driven by continual innovation with the goal of improving ATE performance for our customers.  Our Signal Integrity Assurance services for the 8000 series RF Switching Systems and RFIUs continue to highlight the technical leadership that Giga-tronics offers with its ASCOR switching products.”

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