Giga-tronics announces alliance with Advanced Test Equipment Corporation for Lease and Rental of RF and Microwave Test and Measurement Equipment

Giga-tronics announced that Giga-tronics Incorporated and Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) partnered to offer lease and rental of Giga-tronics’ high-end RF and Microwave Test and Measurement equipment.

ATEC, a leader in electronic test equipment asset management will provide rental and leasing of Giga-tronics RF and microwave test solutions including fast-switching microwave signal generators, microwave power amplifiers, and high-accuracy power meters and sensors. The partnering agreement will include options for integrated promotion, advertising and sales of test solutions. ATEC will be able to access the US market with the Giga-tronics sales channel and Giga-tronics will be able to supply its products for rental, Lease and Distribution through ATEC.

“Advanced Test Equipment Rentals is excited to embark on this new alliance with Giga-tronics. We believe that our customers will welcome their state-of-the-art product line and Giga-tronics’ clientele will benefit from our flexible rental solutions” said Chris Reed, Equipment Rentals Manager

John Regazzi CEO of Giga-tronics Inc. commented “we are extremely pleased to have concluded a relationship with ATEC that allows both of us the opportunity for further growth in our respective markets. ATEC has demonstrated extensive knowledge in the RF & microwave field allowing them to support our customers.”

“With the addition of ATEC, Giga-tronics significantly strengthens its business of delivering and supporting high performance test and measurement equipment to its customers,” said Malcolm Levy, VP of Sales & Marketing.
Giga-tronics is increasing its focus on providing flexible rental and leasing solutions. “We entered into the agreement with ATEC in order to develop business, and service customers with a dedicated commitment to fast response.” said Levy.

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