Getting Up to Speed with 5G

An overview of 5G, the uses, advantages, and challenges for the industry.

5G is the latest generation of mobile communication, offering faster speeds, higher data rates, lower latency, and greater features. In this white paper, industry expert Michael Derby outlines the benefits of 5G and how it differs from the previous cellular generations before diving into the challenges of getting a 5G product onto the market in North America and the EU. The paper covers new test requirements for 5G on radio performance, SAR, OTA, and how it differs from other radio services. To help you ensure market access, Michael shares the requirements for FCC Certification and EU RED Compliance.

  • Understand the benefits of 5G as a tool to meet the latest demands of our world.
  • Learn about some of the tests necessary for 5G products to achieve compliance in North America and the EU
  • Understand regulatory requirements for the FCC and RED.

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