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Gauss Instruments EMI Receiver Offers Emission Measurements by a Factor of 64,000 Times Faster

Gauss Instruments has introduced a new series of ultra-fast EMI receivers, TDEMI eXtreme (TDEMI X), that utilizes FPGA technology to reduce measurement times by a factor of 64,000. The new series consists of 1G, 3G, 6G, 18G, 26G and 40G TDEMI X measurement systems with a starting frequency of 9kHz. Expansion down to 10Hz is available. The instruments can be used for measurements according to CISPR 16-1-1, MIL461, DO160.

High resolution gigasamples Analog-to-Digital increase the dynamic range by more than 25 dB in comparison to the previous product series. Using Multisampling in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 1GHz,  a spurious free dynamic range of 100 dB is achieved. In addition to the fast FFT-based measurement mode,  the instruments also provide a classical superheterodyne mode.

In addition to the EMI Receiver mode, the TDEMI X Series provides a real-time spectrum analyzer as well as a 2 Channel, 1 GHz, 12 Bit oscilloscope.

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The TDEMI X product series provides 5 operation modes:

· EMI Receiver

· Real-time EMI Receiver (Weighted Spectrogram with 162,5 MHz Analysis Bandwidth)

· Spectrum Analyzer

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· Real-time Spectrum Analyzer (Spectrogramm with 325 MHz Analysis Bandwidth)

· 2 Channel, 12 Bit , 1GHz Oscillosope

The base unit provides a realtime spectrum analyzer mode up to 162.5 MHz. The real-time analysis bandwidth can be extended up to 325 MHz. All settings like IF-Bandwidth, Video Bandwidth and the various detectors can be easily controlled by pull down menus during the operation. An extremely large number of 64,000 frequency points allow users to analyze signals ultra-fast with highest sensitivity over larger bands.

Providing the dynamic range according CISPR 16-1-1 during spectrum analyzer mode and real time spectrum analyzer mode the TDEMI X is an excellent tool for overview and final measurements.

The EMI Receiver mode provides in addition to the classical superheterodyne receiver mode an FFT-based measurement mode that allows performing ultra-fast measurements according to the newest standard CISPR 16-1-1 Ed. 3.1. By this way the measurement time can be reduced e.g. for Quasipeak in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 1 GHz down to 10 s. The EMI Receiver mode provides additional automation routines to control e.g. a LISN. In addition to the EMI Receiver mode, the instrument provides a full CISPR compliant real-time analysis bandwidth of 162.5 MHz. Evaluation and export routines provide allow users to analyze the operation modes of a device under test.

The oscilloscope mode (base unit) provides single channel with 16 Bit Resolution and 1 GHz realtime bandwidth. The settings of the trigger level as well as post- and pretrigger allow triggering on picosecond pulses. With an option the instruments can be updated to a two channel 12 Bit oscillscope with 12 Bit resolution and 1 GHz real-time bandwidth.

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