Fujipoly’s Carbon Zebra® Connector has 500 Contact Points/Inch

Fujipoly’s 2005 Zebra® Connector is constructed from alternating layers of conductive carbon and non-conductive silicone that are as thin as 0.0004” (0.010mm). This unique construction allows for a remarkable 500 conductive layers per inch making it ideal for densely packed boards.

The low-resistance Carbon Zebra® is most commonly used to connect LCD displays directly to a circuit board with contact spacing as close as .010” (.25mm). This product is also among the industry’s most cost-effective alternatives making it an excellent choice for price-sensitive consumer electronics.

Fujipoly’s 2005 Zebra® Connector offers a current carrying capacity of 50 mA per .040” x .040” pad and can be ordered in application-specific widths ranging from .015” (.38mm) to .118” (3.0mm) and lengths up to 9.0” (230.0mm).

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