Front End Inductive Charging System Developed

Researchers have been working to develop a better method for inductive charging of electric vehicles to replace mounting induction coils on the bottom of the vehicle and charging systems in the ground. Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) researchers developed a new system that inductively charges vehicles from the front end.

This new system solves several problems seen with in-ground charging systems including objects or animals obstructing the power transmission, or metallic paper getting stuck on the induction zone and catching fire. Ground systems need to use very powerful coils due to a sizeable gap between the car and the ground.  This new system uses a plastic charging column containing clusters of coils that are smaller in diameter than ground based systems, because the car can be physically closer to the charging column.  The front-end charging system allows for more efficient and cost-effective inductive charging and the elimination of objects blocking the flow the energy.

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