From Lab to Startup with Innovative Switch-Mode Technology

Source: Columbia Engineering

A Professor and former student of Columbia University have launched a startup company to help address challenges of performance and power efficiency for semiconductor technologies in next generation devices using an innovative technology. The patented switch-mode analog signal processing technology, developed in the engineering lab, seamlessly translates analog to digital and will enable higher performance, lower power consumption, and smaller size.

“The idea behind Seamless Devices is to simplify the design of high-performance electronic systems even as transistors are scaled down deep into the nanoscale, we are building patented switched-mode analog signal processing techniques and extending their capability to serve a broad range of applications across industries.”

Peter Kinget, Electrical Engineering Professor

The processing technique leverages the timing resolution in nanoscale integrated circuits to transform analog signals into a time-based form preserving a high degree of signal fidelity. Applications include consumer electronics, telecommunications hardware, medical devices, military systems, and much more. The startup will be focusing initial efforts on developing solutions for the semiconductor intellectual property (IP) market with a target to release analog to digital converters (ADC) for telecom applications.


Source: Columbia Engineering 

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