“For anyone who has a need for a high performance Semi Anechoic Chamber”

After the successful commissioning of the first 10 m EMC facility lined with a unique hybrid absorber, Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions introduces a new and revolutionary product to the anechoic chamber market: a high performance, sustainable and environmental friendly polystyrene microwave absorber, in the frequency range of 30MHz to 40GHz.

Delta Denmark officially opened their new 10m Semi Anechoic Chamber in Aarhus, which is lined with the new DMAS EHPA-612-T45 absorber. The new EMC hybrid polystyrene absorber is tuned for cascade solutions in combination with a ferrite absorber (EHFT-106) and provides with only a height of 45cm (18”) excellent chamber performance and maximum working space.

120703 dmas-1

The new absorber is also particularly suitable to refurbish existing chambers which are lined with traditional PU foam absorbers, due to its design life time of >40 years, its light weight, dust free modular design combined with rigid shape.

120703 dmas-2

Other EHPA-612-T45 Unique Selling Points are: its absence of poisonous fire retardant chemicals, the lowest carbon dioxide footprint in the market, fully compliant with REACH and ROHS.

Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions will be exhibiting at several occasions in the near future:

•    EUROEM, Toulouse, France: July 2-6  
•    IEEE 2012 symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, USA: Aug. 7-9
•    EMC Europe 2012, Rome, Italy: Sept. 17-21
•    EMC CHINA 2012 Shanghai, China: Nov. 5-7

For additional information please contact:

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