Finnish Company Makes Network Measurement Tool Developed by a Technical Research Center


Photo Source: Kaitotek Oy (Ltd)

Photo Source: Kaitotek Oy (Ltd)

Kaitotek Oy (Ltd),  has continued the development of software, begun by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, for measuring and monitoring the quality of service of networks. The measurement tool provides real-time data on measures such as bit rates, delays, and data transfer interruptions in network connections.

“Passive measurement provides us with a tool for rapidly picturing how data networks perform from the perspective of various applications and end users, regardless of whether a voice, video or data application is being used,” says Jarmo Prokkola, a former VTT employee and now the CEO of Kaitotek.

The various commercially available tools based on active measurement are poorly suited to measuring the flow of data over existing networks. Networks are becoming more diverse; in security and mission-critical systems, in particular, understanding the current quality of network services is essential to enabling applications to adjust to the situation.

Kaitotek is engaged in the further development and maintenance of the technology developed by VTT, which is now known as Qosium. This technology transfer will guarantee that the measurement software is available and supported in the future.

VTT has recently used Kaitotek’s measurement software for purposes such as testing and measuring the 5G test network.

The technology transfer has enabled the large-scale commercialization of the measurement solution and customer-driven product development to begin.

Source: Kaitotek Oy (Ltd)

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