Fiber-Optic Signal Monitor and a Stimulus/Control Link – Two Instruments in One

Michigan Scientific has introduced its Model FO-HBST/HBSR Fiber-Optic Systems 1 MHz Analog Link.  The FO-HBST and FO-HBSR form a versatile Fiber-Optic Analog Signal TX/RX pair.   Input signals at pre-selected full-scale input levels and at bandwidths from DC to 1 MHz may be transmitted fiber-optically in either direction by transposing the module.

The tester can externally access a 3-position slide switch to select the transmitter module full-scale input level of ±8, ±16, or ±48 VDC. Internal gain jumpers in the receiver module are factory configured for full-scale output levels of ±4, ±8 or ±16 VDC with ±16 VDC standard. Systems may be configured to other user defined full-scale inputs and outputs on request.

The satellite modules have shielding and special input/output filtering that provides high immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or high voltages associated with plasma research to allows for rigorous electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing/engineering. The satellite modules are validated for EMC up to 200 V/m (46 dB V/m) at 500 kHz to 18 GHz and 600 V/m (pulsed 5% duty-cycle &5μs rise-time) 1GHz to 2.5 GHz.  For further information visit