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Ferrite Testing Reveals Significant Performance Variations

Recent empirical testing of FerriShield Ferrites shows that there is a notable increase in Ohms of impedance when compared to the exact same competitive alternative. Due to an industry-wide shift in raw material formulation and manufacturing processes, many RFI/EMI ferrites on the market are delivering lower performance across a wide-band frequency range.

This variation is an important design consideration for most commercial, military and consumer electronics manufacturers because in order to attain the desired level of EMI/RFI suppression, a larger and therefore heavier ferrite must be specified. These physical characteristics typically conflict with target engineering and market demands for smaller, lighter-weight electronic devices.


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VSWR and its Effects on Power Amplifiers

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio results from an impedance mismatch between a source (an amplifier) and a load (test application). This mismatch can influence the performance of the source.



For the purposes of testing, Leader Tech engineers selected one of the Company’s most popular FerriShield 28 Material Ferrites with a true 850 permeability. Competitive ferrite samples that exhibited the exact dimensions (outside diameter, inside diameter and length) as well as published permeability were procured for testing. All ferrites in the sample group were analyzed on the same test wire using an Agilent 4396B RF Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer and an Agilent 16192A test meter. Broadband frequencies ranging from 1 MHz to 400 MHz were generated across the test wire and ferrite impedance in Ohms was recorded. The chart below demonstrates that the FerriShield 850 perm material outperformed the other ferrites in the test group from 25MHz all the way through the 400MHz range.

The performance variations among manufacturers that offer 850 permeability wideband ferrites are noteworthy. As engineers struggle to eliminate unwanted radio and electromagnetic interference and minimize space and weight allocations, the selection of a high-performance ferrite becomes increasingly important.

“The results of our recent performance tests are impressive. If a manufacturer is looking for the industry’s highest-performance solid or bisected ferrite, they can feel confident in selecting a FerriShield product from Leader Tech”, states Blake Roberts FerriShield Product Manager. In addition to offering the world’s largest, in-stock selection of ferrite sizes and styles, Leader Tech has made a major commitment to providing unrivaled technical support from its Global EMI Shielding Technology Center in Tampa, Florida as well as the Company’s own network of dedicated Regional Sales Engineers.

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For more information about FerriShield Ferrites or the results of this performance test, please contact Blake Roberts directly at 813-440-9243 or



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