Fenical Recognized for Role in Developing EMC Standard

One of Laird Technologies, Inc.’s EMC Technical Representatives and NARTE Certified EMC & ESD Engineer, Gary Fenical, has been recognized for co-developing the IEEE Std 1302 – 2008 standard for the IEEE Guide for the Electromagnetic Characterization of Conductive Gaskets in the Frequency Range of DC to 18 GHz.

The IEEE Std 1302 – 2008 assists in evaluating gasket measurement techniques, establishing gaskets exhibiting properties critical to the intended application, highlighting limitations and errors of rival measurement techniques, and providing a comparison for the techniques used. Emphasis is placed on the measurement techniques adopted into standards or extensively used.

“We, as a committee, compiled the information supplied by me and others into the document that is now an IEEE Standard,” commented Gary Fenical, EMC Technical Representatives and NARTE Certified EMC & ESD Engineer of Laird Technologies. Mr. Fenical was vice chairman of the 2008 committee, and researched and supplied information on several of the current tests used for evaluating RF shielding materials.

Mr. Fenical is an EMC Technical Representative at Laird Technologies, and a specialist in RF shielded enclosures, being responsible for the design and/or measurement and quality control of hundreds of large-scale shielded enclosures as well as a number of shielded equipment cabinets and housings. He has authored many articles on EMC Requirements for Medical Devices, Mutual Recognition Agreements and Guidelines to meet the essential requirements if the EMC Directive, and has also authored several seminars on the EU EMC Directive, International Compliance, and Designing for EMC and EMC Requirements for Medical Devices which have been presented worldwide. He holds the patent for the invention of heat-treated beryllium-copper knitted wire mesh gasket, with other patents pending.

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