FDA Releases New Video on Cybersecurity in Healthcare Facilities

As part of its effort to protect healthcare workers and patients from equipment malfunction attributable to cybersecurity breaches, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a new video to help healthcare facilities prepare for a potential cybersecurity event.

Posted to the FDA’s website, the brief (about 3 minutes) video, titled “Tips for Heath Care Facilities: Cybersecurity Incident Preparedness and Response,” provides an overview of how facilities can create an emergency preparedness plan for cybersecurity incidents. The video also provides suggestions for helping to ensure patient safety during a prolonged cybersecurity event.

The new video is one of a series of three released to date on the issue of cybersecurity risks impacting medical devices. The previously released videos include “Cybersecurity Awareness for Connected Medical Devices” and “Tips for Clinicians: Keeping Your Patients’ Connected Medical Devices Safe.”

View the FDA’s video on cybersecurity tips for healthcare facilities.

View the video “Cybersecurity Awareness for Connected Medical Devices.”

View the video “Tips for Clinicians.”

Other resources are available on the FDA’s website on medical device cybersecurity.

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