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FDA Approves World’s First Hybrid Closed Loop System


The most advanced insulin pump in the world is hitting the market soon, thanks to FDA approval of its revolutionary design.

Medtronic has designed the first hybrid closed loop insulin pump and sensor system to be approved by the FDA — and the company believes it’s going to dramatically change the way we deal with diabetes.

The MiniMed 670G is unique among insulin pumps. It is designed to automatically pump the necessary amount of insulin required by the patient. While users will still have to input the carb counts and blood glucose levels, they’ll no longer have to worry about whether they’re receiving the right amount of insulin.

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Another impressive design innovation is the sensor technology Medtronic has developed. Cutting edge diagnostic technology is used to ensure users are receiving the insulin they require. Any issues with the closed loop technology will instantly raise alerts, so that patients can deal with problems quickly and efficiently.

The closed loop keeps the entire unit self-contained, able to monitor the patient and their levels without additional outside complications and tools. And MiniMed’s design doesn’t stop at this innovation; the Suspend feature allows users to halt insulin distribution upon reaching a preset low. The feature also lets patients program their pump to stop insulin distribution before their levels are estimated to achieve a preset low. This versatility will provide increased help and support for those living with diabetes.

The MiniMed is an impressive piece of diagnostic technology, and a major step forward in the design of previous sensors and pumps. By combining two necessary devices into one streamlined tool, patients can control their diabetes instead of the other way around. And for those on the go, there’s even an app to help them monitor sensor readings and track insulin distribution.

Medtronic is hoping that this new design will reduce the concerns and issues surrounding monitoring of glucose levels. With the FDA approval arriving ahead of schedule, the MiniMed 670G is slated for a spring 2017 release — one that diabetes patients will no doubt be eagerly awaiting.

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