FCC Warns LED Sign Marketers (Again!) of Applicable Rules

The Enforcement Bureau of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is reminding marketers of signs that incorporate light-emitting diode (LED) technology that they are subject to FCC authorization rules.

Radio frequency (RF) energy emitted by LED signs can interfere with many types of wireless communications and services. Under FCC rules, LED signs must be tested and found compliant with applicable RF limits. LED signs must also include labeling, identification and user information disclosures consistent with FCC rules.

Issued in mid-February, the Enforcement Advisory reiterates the FCC’s requirements regarding the pre-market authorization of LED signs. Such authorization typically requires testing of LED panels to determine compliance with applicable emissions requirements, as well as proper labelling and documentation.

According to separate press release issued in November 2018, the Enforcement Bureau has investigated hundreds of indoor and outdoor LED sign models and has observed frequent instances of FCC rule violations. Between March and November 2018, the FCC reportedly reached settlement agreements with 21 separate companies marketing LED signs that did not conform with applicable FCC requirements. The settlements resulted in about $850,000 in financial penalties paid by the implicated companies, as well as their commitment to meet all requirements going forward.

Read the text of the FCC’s Enforcement Advisory on its requirements for LED signs.

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