FCC Updates Rules for Unlicensed 60 GHz Band

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted a rule change for the 57-64 GHz ultra-high frequency band, commonly referred to as 60 GHz. The modified rule allows higher emission limits for 60 GHz devices that operate outdoors resulting in broader deployment of point-to-point broadband systems.

By opening this band for longer communication distances, there is an opportunity for additional competition in the broadband market to offer lower-cost, higher-capacity commercial and consumer wireless services.

Approximately fifteen years ago, this 57-64 GHz band was opened for the development of unlicensed, short-range devices and by making changes to the technical requirements of the Part 15 rule, the FCC is taking a step to encourage technological developments in this band and helping manufacturers lower equipment costs.

Read the full announcement of the Commission’s modified rules.