FCC Targets Unauthorized Radio Frequency Devices Once Again

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has cited an online health and wellness company for marketing unapproved radio frequency devices.

According to a Citation and Order issued by the FCC in early September, the Utah-based company Health and Med marketed on its website HealthandMed.com 14 different models of an ionizing footbath featuring digital displays, digital power supplies, and other components that were unintentional radiators. However, the company failed to obtain proper authorization in line with FCC requirements for each of the device models prior to marketing them on their website beginning in 2018.

In its response to an FCC Letter of Inquiry issued in early 2020, the company acknowledged that it sold several of the identified footbath models on its website but did not believe that the devices were subject to FCC regulations. It also noted that it subsequently tested several models of the footbaths in accordance with Part 15 requirements and that the devices passed. However, the FCC notes that the company continues to sell two models of footbaths but has so far failed to provide information to the FCC regarding the authorization for these models.

Under the terms of the Citation, the company has 30 days to provide the FCC with copies of either their authorizations or test results for the devices that are still being marketed.

Read the FCC’s Citation and Order issued to Health and Med.

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